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        Taking "Trust" as Business Discipline, "Pioneering" as Developing Strategy, "Exquisite" as Brand Building goal, GZZC is assiduously developing itself, by standing at front of the China railway  development,  to  make  success  with  assurance,  to  introduce  Chinese  advanced technology to the world.

        The best virtue should be willing and capable to contain others just like water does. We will continue  adhering  to  the  business  philosophy  of  "all  for  your  satisfaction"  to  satisfy  our worldwide  client’s  requirements  by  considerate  service,  quality  products  and  advanced technology.

        Development is endless, we keep forward by continuous breakthrough. We will develop together with our clients from all over the world, and jointly promote the development of international rail transportation industry.


Company Profile


        Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Sales & Leasing Co.,Ltd. (short for GZZC) was established in Aug 27, 1997.The registered capital was RMB 138 million.

        Our business scope is as follows:

        1.Commodity wholesales trading(examinated approved commodity excluded); Commodity retail trading(examinated approved commodity excluded);

        2.Commodity information consulting service; 

        3.Motorbicycle wholesale; motorbicycle spare parts wholesale; Motorbicycle retail; motorbicycle spare parts retail;

        4.Mechanical equipment leasing; Railway transportation equipment leasing service;

        5. Transportation consulting service;

        6.Railway locomotives and accessories Manufacturing; Railway Special equipment and accessories manufacturing;

        7.Railway transportaion equipment repair; Railway transportaion equipment wholesales; 

        8. Railway maintenance management service;

        9.General mechanical equipment sales; General mechanical equipment retail; 

        10.Machinery accessories wholesale; Machinery parts retail;

        11.Software wholesale; Software retail; Software development; Software services; 

        12.IT consulting services;

        13.Trade agent; Trade consulting services;Import and export of goods(franchised control of goods excluded);

        14.Freight agent;  Import and Export of technology; Engineering and technical consulting services. 




In 1997, GZZC was established, being the first company engaged in the railway locomotive and vehicle sales and leasing business in China.

In 1998, GZZC financed and leased 8 units of "Blue Arrow" DMU to Guangshen Railway Company, which created the successful experience in combining private capital with the National railway transportation high-tech research.

In 2001, Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Sales & Leasing Co., Ltd. acquired Guangzhou Refrigeration Machine Factory - now has been transformed into the stock enterprise- Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Vehicles Equipment Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. At the same year, GZZC's register capital increased up to RMB 138 million.

In 2002, GZZC obtained import and export trade license and officially started its international business.

In 2004, GZZC exported 200 bogies to Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2006, GZZC exported 412 sets of wheels to the Indian TATA Group.

In 2007, GZZC exported 550 wagons to the Sudan Railway Corporation, speeding up the development of GZZC in Sudan market. In the same year, GZZC exported a batch of steel rolling equipment to Malaysia.

In 2008, GZZC exported 205 wagons, 11 locomotives, 2 tamping machine, 2 ballast regulators and 30,800 tons of rails to Sudan Railway Corporation. GZZC became a major supplier of railway equipment and railway construction contractor in Sudan.

In 2010, GZZC exported 300,000 sets of steel sleepers and 12,600 tons of rails to Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2011, GZZC exported 9000 sets of fishplates and 1 set of asphalt equipment to Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2012, GZZC exported 42,500 tons of rails, 174 sets of turnouts and 13,300 sets of fishplates to Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2013, GZZC organized the construction of 11 DMU station buildings in Khartoum for Khartoum State Government, and the construction of welding rail bases in Sudan.

In 2014, GZZC exported 6 units of DMU to the Khartoum State Government of Sudan, and exported 6 sets of mobile lifting jacks to the Buenos Aires Metro Company of Argentina.

In 2015, GZZC exported 117,000 sets of LED street lights to Egyptian AOI Group, and exported 4 sets of crossings equipment to Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2016, GZZC exported 2 sets of signal system equipment and 1000 tons of rails to Sudan Railway Corporation; GZZC signed two Airbus A320 aircraft sales contracts with Sudan Airways, and signed a 380km railway construction contract with Sudan Railway Corporation.

In 2017, GZZC exported ceramics polishing equipment to Sudan Nobles Group.

In 2018, GZZC exported equipment such as turnouts, fishplates, crossings equipment and elevators to Khartoum State Government.

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